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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Just checking in. I have so many things i would like to write about because writing helps me really explore things, but it's finals time at school and I am unprepared so I don;t have time to think much. Isn't that funny? In school but no time to think!

Our good old Dude got prescribed Prozac the other day. I am really concerned about giving it to him but he is licking large wounds into all four of his legs now. He has a latent skin infection and his vet has been his vet for years but the other day was the first time he said Dude is causing these infections by the licking. I thought it was some kind of infection that spontaneously arouse, at unpredictable intervals from some internal stimulus. he's asked if Dude is stressed before. Dude is high strung for a lab, bu he lives as idyllic a life as I can imagine. Bruce thinks the girls, particularly Jetty Lee henpeck him and yes, Jetty is a bossy little thing on occasion but I really didn;t see that as a factor. Anyway, Dude is bad about taking pills so for YEARS we've been going with Convenia shots which are a time release antibiotic. The shots are about $130 apiece and it usually takes three of them at 2 week intervals to clear the infection. Then we don;t know how long we have till it flares again. This time the vet really suggested giving him antibiotics orally (much less expensive and I know he tries to consider that, but I am wondering now if there are efficacy questions too) as well as the generic Prozac. I worry a LOT about playing with brain chemistry. And it will apparently take a good amount of time just to see how it affects him. And I can't just quit the drugs cold turkey. This has me angsting over what is right. But we LOVE Dude (and Jetty Lee and PJ ) and we would do whatever we could for any one of them. If antidepressants stopped dude from licking himself raw and he remained his good, happy self, I guess that would be a good outcome. Talking to people (just a little) who have taken Prozac though makes me wonder what psychological effect it might have. And I can only go by behavior. Dude has no way to tell me other than behavior how he feels about the whole thing. Three days in and I am not noticing any negative effect, so far.

Anyway, addressing things on my mind in small doses and I guess this is all i have time for.


  1. Glad to see you paused to write. I enjoy reading it. All the best wishes for Dude and good luck with your finals.

    1. ah! just saw this! I read YOUR blog more than mine :) Hope you're happy and well

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