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Sunday, August 25, 2013

The only reason I am taking the time to write now is that I am waiting for my hair stylist to come over. She messaged me that she was on her way. Really, if I was not so shaggy and my hair wasn't in my eyes, I would not be taking the time to write. I really need to manage my time severely but it seems I am not doing so well at it. I find that I can't do much homework while I am working and I had an expectation that I would be able to, so that's a huge chunk of time gone. Even though I only work 3 days. Sat is 8 hours but Monday and Tues need not be since I am just backup then.
 I woke up this morning and leapt straight into Environmental Science homework. That took a good chunk of time even though it wasn't terribly difficult. This is a class I am taking because I am very concerned about the environment. I fall short n many ways as far as being green goes but the attitude of the US is dismal. I truly think that as a species we need to give some concentrated attention and behavior changing to our ways of dealing with the earth or we will not be here long.
Now, i say I leapt right into the Environmental Science homework, but in truth I sent an email to my history professor first. And it was merely a playful email, not really related to the class, but he had made a comment on an assignment I turned in (he liked it) and mentioned i would love the course. i mailed back that I was already enjoying it immensely and he wrote back "Sweet"  which for various reasons seemed to have tickled my brain so much that I got very little sleep caught in a thought tangent cloud that went EVERYWHERE. I felt that since he triggered it it was only fair he share in a small amount. I am curious to see what if any response there will be.
We have a quiz in history tomorrow, labeling the states on a blank US map. I have glanced at a map today and do not know how I am going to do on that. When I was a small child I knew them but I sure as heck don''t now. We also have a paper due tomorrow night and I have not yet done the requisite reading.
Then I will turn my attention to chemistry. I seriously need to work on conversions. I also need to memorize some prefixes, 35 element symbols and names from the periodic table, whether they are metals or non metals, some other definitions from the course, and I am not sure what else. I have chemistry lab homework due by Tuesday too.
Then there is CIS which i don;t expect to be difficult but which I expect to take up large, precious chunks of time. I resent it even though I know these skills would be good to know. I equate it with the LIB class, but I knw it's more useful. Ah Kim is here

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