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Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall break, a rather overblown term I think for what amounts to two days off of school is coming up. I could use those two days in so many ways. Attack the mound of laundry- Study for the chemistry test our professor is allowing a re-take on. I am score 94% but he added 10 points (TEN POINTS!!!!!) to everyone's grade. Still, the low was 33%! Anyway, yes I could have used the days "responsibly" and I was wanted at work (I used to work Saturdays, now I work Sat, Sun and a half day on Mondays and this is not optimal for me) Part of the reason I made a split second decision to use BOTH my "Fall Break"" days on a totally hedonistic road trip was the fact that I seldom go anywhere and I did not want to be available to bail out the problem at work caused by poor interactions skills.That was part of it. There are other factors, such as my recent acquisition of a Wenzel picnic tote. Those who know me and my Picnic Madness phase may or may not wonder. I want to go on picnics. I want to visit places I love. I am totally fine with traveling alone although I have invited some ghosts with me on this trip. I do not know if they will come. Either way it is fine. I am going to Dead Horse Point. It is majestically beautiful there and I crave that beauty. My very favorite memories of the places are watching a turkey buzzard soar on thermals for a very long time. It was beautiful and I had a deeply spiritual feeling. Also, I went out on a ledge (very uncharacteristic, believe me!) A fall would have meant gruesome death but I survived and somewhere there is a picture. So, Dead Horse Point then Moab. good memories of Moab too. I may have time for Arches, if so good! I do plan to going to see Hole in the Rock.

Arches is not too far away. The hile to Delicate Arch is one I can do. Don't know if there will be time

My route will take me through Kodachrome

I had wanted to stay at The Silver Sage in Moab, which is not pretty but it is cheap and serviceable, but it was sold out! I ended up booking a cottage which was more expensive and then even MORE expensive with a rather downplayed fee. Oh well, what's done is done. OOh update! I changed my cabin to this one in Blanding so my route will change. Need to update THAT I think Fisher Towers is near Blanding but this is "my" cabin for a night http://www.canyonlandslodging.com/vacation-rentals/mustang-mesa/VERY cool looking cabin! Wish I had more time (and more money) 
I'll be in line for Canyonlands

Would love to see Fisher Towers
 Red Canyon is between Bryce and Zion closer to Bryce but I got messed up here somehow

Pretty sure I go through Fish Lake National Forest

Then Bryce, which is my favorite "nearby" park

 Then Zion and home

I am looking so forward to this little tiny trip! There's so much more to see than I can. The person who changed my cabin was telling me all kinds of trips. This is not for from Mesa Verde either. God I would love to travel more

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