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Thursday, March 16, 2017

March 16,2017 was a good day

I just realized I missed the goal of adding my drop to the inundation of Trump. Wow, Time flies! I never even know what date it is unless I look at my indispensable schedule book. It was lost yesterday. Bruce found it in my bed (where I'd already looked) at about 11pm. People contact me at all hours for appointments. I was terrified the book would not be found and I'd have no idea what I was supposed to be doing for the next two months. I am truly grateful Bruce found it! Today, he presented me with a heart of malachite and pyrite. I love malachite. Now I'm trying to think of a place to put it where I will see it daily and I won't LOSE it!

I took today "off" (I never have any true days off anymore) to take my mom to get her labs done. But I had so many other things to do that I was out and about much of the day and did not realize I had forgotten to set the car clock ahead for Spring. I got her to the Dr's office about 17 minutes before they closed but they declined to test her. So, more on tomorrow's plate. She did look really pretty in her new clothes.

Much was done in the back yard today, the AMAZING St George City people were here and I will post pictures.. We also had 2 wall guys here (the boss comes back tomorrow) We're supposed to have 4 wall guys tomorrow. The wall should be finished they say now, by the end of next week.

I called to commend the St George City guys. They were really truly awesome. The pictures aren't in order. But remember, we just called to see what kind of leeway we needed to give the old pole. They OFFERED to move it. And they we nice, professional, let me take pictures, tightened he Santa Clara power lines so that they aren't resting on the shed, offered to hail off the old pole or leave it ad when I chose to have it left, they cut it up and stacked it as firewood!

Today, the wall guys also hauled away the wood from the old fence.

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