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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Starting Projects

We've been starting work on the house. We had the leak in the ceiling caused by improper installation of the HVAC unit fixed (we hope)...it hasn't rained since)

Now the emphasis is on the backyard. This is because we really need to do something about the fencing, My mom and I want a wall, Bruce would be happy with a fence, being as that should last for 30 years and I don't think any of US will. But....a wall has a longer lifespan. Problem is getting someone to build the thing! We thought we had a person lined up, but once the yard was cleared (no small feat, it was a mess) the mason is not returning calls. Here are some pictures of the back yard as it stands now.

I want to be spending a lot more time outside than I am now. My idea for the backyard is to be a sanctuary where all of us will enjoy being. I want a garden, a compost bin, a chicken area (Bruce hates this idea, but I love fresh eggs) several seating areas with a fire space, a water feature, nice lighting and music and maybe misters. really pretty plantings (probably xeriascapes) bird feeders  a grassy area, Bruce sees fescue and pine trees He also wants a big shed. He called the city of St George about the power pole in our backyard. That is not owned by Santa Clara, it runs power out the the Shivwits Indian reservation. They were really nice and promptly (!!!) came out to have a look. They are going to replace the pole and move it much nearer the fence (wall) That may take several weeks. But we shouldn't have to worry about it again in our lifetimes.

Here are some ideas. We also wants lots of succulents and some ornamental trees Bruce had the very nice idea of purring up 3 big trellises as a privacy screen. They'd be planted with Trumpet vines which attract hummingbirds. My mom really misses her hummingbirds.A friend suggested Bruce design a mandala out of succulents.

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