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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mixed Bag

Yesterday I finished "The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit" about a man who at age 20, climbed into his car after work one day, embarked on a roadtrip from Maine to FL then back up north, abandoned his car at a likely looking spot and then vanished into the woods. For 27 years. He did steal necessities from nearby cabins and parks which eventually resulted in his arrest. I found it to be a very interesting story. I have hermit fantasies, but no survival skills to back the urge up. This guy was incredibly apt at surviving.

One thing I love about my (very abbreviated now) job of grooming dogs at home is that I get to listen to audio books. I have so many  good and pleasant clients and get to listen to so man books! Her are some pics of dogs I've done in the last couple of days. As well as a pic of Addie, who I will do today.

This is Addie. I'll do her today. the first time she came, which was her first ever groom she acted like I was Satan incarnate. I was very surprised they left her. I've never had a dog react to me like that! But, that over, she's been a sweetheart ever since!

This is Taffy. You could not ask for a sweeter, cuter little dog! I charge less for her because she is so easy to do. She's a joy!

This is Lily. I love Lily!!!! They just open the car door and she runs to me, She was just a bath yesterday, but I did a little neatening.  I see I could have done better on her head. Her "mom
" and I met in Chemistry class. I love Annie. Annie's dad dropped her off and picked her up yesterday. I love him too. He made me laugh when he went straight to the backyard to talk with the workers and Bruce

This is Bella. She is a VERY sweet girl. She came in matted to the skin so she's bald now, but it will grow. The little girl who loves her. I'd guess she's 6 or 7 liked Bruce's prints I have up in the groomery and she picked Bella's bows and bandana

This is Nino. I love Nino. He's a character! 

And this is Max. He's one of mine. He's starting to look scruffy again, which is good because I manicured him too much here. Bruce and I call him The Scottish guy. He's hilarious. He's smart and self directed. He likes to kill mice and ruin PJ's toy time. Yesterday he demonstrated that he can get out of the little containment fence Bruce no fence in the backyard. This is very bad. Because he did it right in front of the girls, who could follow. And yesterday, we were told the blocks for our wall are still in the oven!!! I have no idea how long we are going to be fenceless!

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