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Friday, April 21, 2017

April 21,2016

The day was mostly random stuff. It sort of felt like driving and encountering the occasional speedbump. I got up at about 6, it was already getting light which meant that I would have to drive further out of town to relocate the latest bunch of mice. As always, I feel badly, but I really, for sure, do not want the critters in our house and they are there aplenty. So, a drive into the country. I took them to an alfalfa field that was being watered. Maybe not the best choice. It was full morning by the time I stopped.

My next stop was at Star Nursery where I picked up three hummingbird feeders. I think they are pretty, glass bottles, one a pale green (my favorite), ruby red and a gradiated blue. I made nectar and Bruce hung them for me. I need to modify my schedule book to make sure I change the nectar every 3 days. After getting the feeders I went to The Egg and I and got breakfast for my mom and I (Bruce was still asleep and he does not really eat breakfast. After I was done with all that I thought I'd take a nap, but nope, breakfast kept me from sleep.

My dog today, Angelo, was a very good boy and in my opinion looked much much better when he left. I listened to The Book of Joan as a was grooming him. It's a pretty depressing, dystopian book but I can see it. I've told my mom it takes me 2 hours from the time I start a dog until I bathe the dog and she is using that information effectively. She likes long, LONG hot baths. The water had been going on and off all those 2 hours and stopped when I turned on the water for the dog. I was glad it wasn't cold! I cut my mom's fingernails yesterday and checked her toenaisl, which didn't need a trim yet, but I did notice some edema in her feet. I should look at them again tonight. .

As I was starting Angelo I got a text from Crystal, which surprised and pleased me. She wouldn't know that I think about her, her sisters and her mom almost every day and more often recently. She said they (I think her, her husband and daughter) were planning to camp in Zion and she wondered if I would watch her dog. I said I've be glad to, but that if I did he would have to be crated because Jetty Lee is aggressive. I offered to board her dog if she didn't want to have him in a crate. She said she'd let me know. I'd love to see her. It's a pity the house isn't anything like company ready. I don't know when (or even IF it ever will be though I'm working on it as best I can.

I texted Dan, our landscape man last night to see what is going on. We hadn't heard from him in so long I didn't know if there was a problem. Easily there could be. I practically forced unfamiliar software on him because I want a good visual plan though I told him if the learning curve was too steep he could plan in his usual way. So I didn't know if there was software trouble, whether he felt he had bitten off more than he wanted to chew, Of if he was worried about budget- we haven't really discussed budget yet; I gave him a slew of wants and he may be agonizing over trying to make them affordable. I really want the back yard to be beautiful. I am prioritizing it over the house.I need to be outside more, Bruce and the dogs seem to be enjoying the backyard and I am hoping to tempt my mom out of her room and away from that omnipresent TV. Anyway, I was feeling bad and like I was being pushy. To my pleasant surprise, Dan said he had the plan almost ready- but that there wasn't a representation for a chicken coop (I can imagine that) He should be here Monday to show us the plan. I am very excited.

A hummingbird has seen the feeders and Bruce says has sipped from 2, but each time I see it, it flies up to the feeder but does not feed. I hope there's nothing wrong and it's just a matter of time.

Mu mom's dear friend, Lauralee called her this evening and told her another longtime friend died. She had had Alzheimer's. Her husband has taken very tender care of his wife. My mom was going to call them today because one's birthday was 4/20 and the other 4/22. I wonder how Daryl is doing.

I have a tax appointment on the 26th. It's going to be a lot of trouble and expense for the tiny bit of income I made. I hope he can fix it.

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