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I am mundane and magical, Silly and serious. I am an underachiever who suspects that someday in the eternities I may yet blossom and even fruit. I am a collector of spirits and essences, a studier of mood and nuance.I have many many faults and yet I've always been loved. I am a good friend, but I will let you go if you so desire. I believe in Somewhen. I laugh easily and cannot often cry, which I know is a Flaw. Like You, I am a work in progess.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Super tired. I thrashed all night and could not sleep. When I finally did get to sleep I had a Ghost dream. We were in some kind of class together, I think Bernie Sanders was the professor. The class was high level and very interesting but had a math and science component, and I was really struggling with the math part which the Ghost thought I should be able to handle without problem. I was kind of touched the overestimation of my abilities there but in truth the math was far too advanced for me (Hell, that could be algebra, algebra made me literally cry) Anyway, not related to the class we had had some fight and we were not speaking. I don't remember the details. I do remember he brought an article printed in a newspaper that he wrote as a child. It was a short article. I remember being intrigued when it said it was continued on another page, but there was almost nothing there. The only line I can remember from the article was where he had written, "relationships are precious" which made me roll my eyes in regard to ours but then I thought, maybe he really does value his other relationships. There was a baggie stapled to the newspaper with two kinds of seeds, I recognized one kind which is large and star shaped (we misidentified this as walnut, but I have no idea what the other seeds were. Then Toby's barking impinged on my consciousness and I heaved up to take him out lest he pee on my mom's bed or something. I don't have a grooming dog until 2. After that I have 2 nail trims. I am bone tired. I am not scheduling myself any days "off" (there won't be any days off for me as long as I care for my mom) but no dogless days, and even though I can only do one or two dogs a day it takes a lot of time and energy. I still haven't taken care of either of our taxes and it's APRIL!!! Well. It's hotcake day, I'd best make them. Bruce has been listening to old Appalachian history, music and religious stuff. Love the music, but the religious stuff makes me sad and tense. This is General Conference weekend. I felt bad when I realized that I had contacted Dan yesterday.

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