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Saturday, April 15, 2017

New Shed

The new shed went up yesterday. Antonio and Brock worked very hard, all day. It was impressive. The old shed got a new roof and I think that actually took longer than the whole assembly and roofing of the new shed! Slowly, things are taking shape. Bruce wants to take the massive excess of stuff out to stuff the shed. I don't want to do this because I foresee that it would just sit there and we need to go through all this stuff. I am gong to take 5 days in the first week of May off to start and I think I should repeat that process until all this horrendous amount of stuff is under control. Bruce is dead set on painting the sheds some monochromatic shade of brown or earth red. Since I consider the sheds his it's his call. We will be going to look at paint soon. we took a tour of the neighborhood for roofs yesterday. We like the look of tile best, but it seems, according to all the roofers we spoke with, to be very problematic. Metal is more enduring but has more potential for leaks and the edges are pretty ugly in both our opinions. So, looks like it's asphalt shingles,  not opulent but serviceable.

I took yesterday off to do my taxes and didn't touch them. Not good. I was one form short for my mom's taxes, but I took what I had to a CPA. The lawyer suggested we get a local CPA. I am certain she will end up paying much more this way, but t will never be so complicated again. However, the estimate made me gulp. He said perhaps she will over $35 THOUSAND. In my mind, completely without any substantiation, the figure $12,000 had been living. Huge adjustment.

I've been feeling a lot of stress and then the release of other stresses. I had hoped stress would just go away, but that's not what's happening.

I had strange dreams last night. In one, my friend Jaime came to take me to lunch. It took me a few seconds to realize he was walking (he's paraplegic) I was so happy for him! In the other, I had resumed school in a healing program. The classes I had taken before I dropped out IRL counted and there were a lot of rigorous science classes yet to go but I had already gotten though of some of them. but the surprise component in this dream was that a big part of te healing was DANCE. It is so out of myy range of abilities that I don't even have an accurate way to describe my lack of dancing ability. How did I, or anyone else, think I would be suited for this program? Yet people did and I was doing well in the program. I can only conclude that they had not yet seen my dancing.

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