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Thursday, December 31, 2015

First yard care company came out to estomate cleaning up the front yard. He gave my mom an estimate for $400 for part of the yard. I asked why not the whole yard. she said she didn't interview him very well. So I called and He said $600 to clean up the whole front yard, which includes removing a gargantuan bird of paradise. I've never seen one that big before! I don't know if the thing could be tamed or if better to just remove, I lean toward removal. He said they can do xeriascaping but I am not sure I have confidence in the result. I don't think he would be drawing up a planned sketch and when I asked about rocks for crating a little landscape he said they could use rocks as big as he could carry. So, not so sure he's right for the xeriascaping, but I think she will not get a better estimate on cleaning up the front yard, which Eddie (that's the guy who went to see her)described as a jungle. And that's a polite term for the mess it is. If he gets the job (I've set up other estimates for her) nd he does well they do other services too, some interior and so he could be a great help if he can get rid of some of the things she will want to get rid of. I'm going to call her in a few butt I just finished grooming a dog and I need to recoup a bit. I wish I was down there. I was I had $600 just laying around (more actually, so much more, but I don't. I don't know what her idea of a budget is but MY guess when I was looking at just the front yard and NOT including the garage doors was $5000. She's unsure of spending $400. I feel stressed. I'm sure she does too. I need to get estimates on garage doors. She needs 3 and I am thinking those will be about $600 apiece installed.

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