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I am mundane and magical, Silly and serious. I am an underachiever who suspects that someday in the eternities I may yet blossom and even fruit. I am a collector of spirits and essences, a studier of mood and nuance.I have many many faults and yet I've always been loved. I am a good friend, but I will let you go if you so desire. I believe in Somewhen. I laugh easily and cannot often cry, which I know is a Flaw. Like You, I am a work in progess.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Bruce has an appointment with his former boss to discuss going back to work printing tomorrow at 9 pm. He is nervous. I am nervous for him. The offer is there, it's not that, I am nervous that he may end up taking the position because we need money and sacrifice too much of his life in doing so. Today I took an offer to work Sundays 3-9pm in addition to Saturdays 8-3pm starting in August. It should be ok. I am only taking 12 credits next semester. But I won't have any actual days off in a week.

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