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Sunday, June 22, 2014

You should see me now but I am glad you can't. I groomed three dogs today (wasn't sure I could do 3 dogs in a reasonable time frame anymore, not that I was ever fast.) Now I have slivers of hair in my eyeballs and itchily all over my body despite wearing grooming clothes and I am done in but happy. It was primarily that last dog- Cosmo- I'd meant to do him second because they said he was apt to scream whenever he didn't like how you touched him. They gave me some sad history for him and they brought him medicated ( I normally prefer not medicated) but I mistook Gus for Cosmo and so Cosmo was last. Cosmo is the kind of dog one does not look forward to grooming. Shy and abused, also very willing to bite you and some of the most terrible teeth I have ever seen. Betting that when Cosmo's owner tries to take Cosmo for grooming the groomer's probably say he should be taken to a vet and sedated. That was my thought. He would let me run clippers on most of his body without too much objection. he was really good for his face which delighted me, but not his ears. His underside, legs and feet were completely off limits. I didn't think he could actually puncture me with those teeth, but if he did I would fear blood poisoning!

The day had started rather badly, I didn't get a text back about timing for the appointment until the middle of the night. I had wanted to start at like 8, but by then I knew it was unlikely I would want to be up and ar 'em by them. I need to know EARLY if I am starting something early. When I did get up I was afflicted by diarrhea. It was bad. I was just messaging to ask if we could do this tomorrow as she was messaging asking if 10 was ok. She then told me her MIL and the dogs were headed back to SLC tomorrow so I said bring them and I will see what I can do. I am Bruce very kindly re-headed my dremel and he also made a holding pen for me out of my one dog cage. So I started Bob and Bruce came back out to check on me after a few minutes and asked where the other dogs were. THEY HAD ESCAPED and I DIDN'T KNOW IT!!! That could have been so terrible! Fortunately my friend's husband was following them and as Bruce went out to look ( I had to stay with Bob- no place to safely put him) the husband brought the escapees back. I was reeling. I ended up closing the big garage door to ensure they couldn't get out but that was my primary light source, so I was grooming in semi darkness. Bob took a long time because even though i 10 stripped him (with a 4 face)  he was matted and it took a long time to get through his coat. But he''s a good boy and I thought he looked good when he was finished. Gus was good and was much easier than Bob. I did a 7 on him also with a 4 face. Then there was Cosmo. I could tell he was sweet but I honestly wondered how I could do him. Idon't have a muzzle and he shrieked and fought like I was killing him on things that I know don''t hurt. Finally, desperate, I cut a sock of Bruce's and first tried it as a muzzle but that made me nervous and it wasn't very effective. However, I was inspired to try a blindfold with nothing over the nose or mouth and while it did not make Cosmo easy it did make him doable. I could see his sweetness and goodness even when he was terrified and fighting. And he did TRY to be good when he realized I wasn't trying to hurt him. It is like the panic reaction is wired in but he tried and by the end of the session I was amazed at what he was letting me do. He didn't com out perfect, but so much better and he loved the bath and having his head trimmed. By the end he was sleeping in my arms as sweetly as you can imagine. That was the best part. I knew I had done that dog and his people a service. The money was nice and I surely appreciate the tips but the best part was Cosmo- the very difficult dog. I am sre and tired and I need to go sweep up hair which I am not looking forward to. but I am glad I did these dogs.

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