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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I am just dizzy with fear. I called my mom today. She was dissatisfied with the final results of the yard care people because they did not remove a "big plant" that she wanted removed, did not remove miniature rose bushes, that she asked to be removed, did not remove a holly bush that she wanted removed and did not trim the big tree in the in the front yard as much as she wanted it trimmed. She had paid them yesterday. I talked to the woman yesterday and again she told me she would send me pictures of before and after. I have gotten no pictures. I had also texted her Monday night to thank her because my mother was very well pleased with the first day's work. I texted that she still wanted the other things I had mentioned done (they had not trimmed the tree yet) Today my mother told me that thee woman had told her there was a problem cashing the check . My mother wrote anther one. The woman was WAITING at her house when my mother got home from the bank but I nearly had a heart attack when she told me she had written THREE checks. Now, I understand my mom's handwriting is not very legible anymore and she says she got two of the checks back but she had no idea that checks can be cashed and the bank not HAVE them. I told her to call her bank first thing tomorrow morning and see how many $1500 checks have been cashed. In the future, if she even proceeds, estimates will need to be in writing and detailed and I am going to ask her to ise a credit card so she can dispute charges if necessary. If more than one check was cashed I am calling the police immediately.  I cannot believe this. My clue should have been when the woman said they were a Christian company. In fact, I told her not to say any such thing to my mother who has been ripped off by "Christians" shamelessly before. We took the highest estimate because the yard was in bad shape and the other two estimates did not seem high enough to fairly cover the work that needed to be done.

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