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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The yard care people came yesterday and 2 people were there almost all day. My mom said they were nice, polite and cleared a lot of stuff. I have yet to see pictures which they've promised to send, but they aren't done. She said they trimmed, but did not remove a HUGE Bird of Paradise that was planted in a random looking place. She said she planted it there because long ago neighbor children kept messing with one of the sprinklers. I sent a message asking it to be removed along with some other stuff. Today they are supposed to trim a big tree in the front yard and work on the side yard. I am hoping they send pictures. Next project up is the garage doors but first the garage needs to be sufficiently cleared to give access. I need to call her city and see what notification she has to give my brother's widow, who has a bunch of stuff stored there without her permission and without paying before it can be junked. I plan to do that Thursday unless I have time to do it at work today. I am really really glad she is proceeding but I don't know how far she can get. I suggested she take a loan out on the house and get everything done but she says she does not want to go into debt so to me that sounds like she wants to continue living there. I don't think she has enough income to do very much without taking out a loan so this is a big problem because that house needs a LOT of work. I cannot understand her attachment to the place, but i am not her and I have to keep reminding myself of that and that this IS her life and her choice. Anyway, with the front yard cleaned up, the garage appreciably cleared out and new garage doors that's a start. I have never been good with money or anything like it but I wish i had some now. a lot of it. But I don't. I can about pay any difference the yard care people ask if the work exceeds their estimate.

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