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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My mom had 2 appointments today. One for a yard care service (they were $100 less than the first company, but I had the impression the first guy would be putting more effort into the job) She has another yard care estimate tomorrow. She had her first garage door estimate today.She has 3 garage doors to replace. I was shocked- she says the guy did not show pictures of what she would be getting but the estimate was for $750 per door and $300 per garage door opener plus an "upgrade" of $450 so $3600. That sounded high to me, but talking to one of our drivers tonight he thought it was on the low side. She has 2 mote estimates to go. She said she didn't want windows in the garage doors. I asked her if she was thinking what she would like as she is living there or if she has an eye toward selling the house. I told her if it was me, i would like natural light coming into the garage. I didn't call the guy today. He didn't get there till I was on my way to work. I know this because he called me- multiple times on my 15 minute drive to work to tell me my mom wasn't answering the phone or the door. she finally did and got the estimate. I'd still like to talk to him but it was busy during what I would think of as his business hours. Tomorrow I work 1-9 and have a dog coming at 8:30 am so I am not sure if there will be time. We shall see.

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