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Sunday, January 13, 2013

I have undertaken a new adventure! And that's how I am trying to see it, One day, longer ago than I would have liked it to be I was browsing around in Netflix and saw a movie title that resonated with me. Sadly, but it did. the movie was called Fat Sick and Nearly dead. It's a documentary by an Aussie guy, Joe Cross, that chronicles his 60 day juice fast and his travels in the US while he does this. I loved this movie. I decided I would like to try a juice fast. But... I couldn't afford to! I wanted a high quality juicer, one that was not liable to break down The brand in the movie is Breville and it is well rated. There are a lot of juicers out there and many are not very high quality. Plus, as Joe documented in the movie at that time the FOOD for a juice fast cost a bit less than $15 a DAY if you bought it at a conventional grocery store (Phil, a person who tried this with really astounding results started at Walmart) and about $25 a day if you wet organic. That's a lot of money, and right now I am an unemployed student being supported by my also unemployed boyfriend and that is off a VERY finite amount of money. I despaired! But I have been feeling INDUBITABLY fat, sick and nearly dead of late. School is a lot of stress and i have developed or increased health issues which did not make for a happy future. On a recent day out in Zion I looked like this. Um, sheesh up there, and wow that is poorly pixillated. I apparently don't know how to do pics here anymore. Perhaps I will learn. Anyway, there is WAY too much of a physical me and she is not feeling very well of late. School loans. And the mention of a high school friend on Facebook that she was in day 4 of her juice fast when her juicer broke was my straw.I ordered a Breville multi speed juicer and went to the store for fruits and veggies. I got so many fruits and veggies that it was hard to stuff them all in the fridge, but the amount of food used for one juice is flabbergasting! I really need to learn about pictures here, because I'd like to show you!

Yesterday was my first juicing day. I had 2 glasses of juice and while I felt food cravings I wasn't hungry. The juice I made first consisted of an apple, a lemon (peel on) ginger, kale, celery, spinach.  I think that was all. It  didn't taste as bad as I feared it might but I can't say I look forward to it yet. The second one was small. Strawberries and blueberries and red Swiss chard. I am about to make my third. there are things to know about juicing and I don;t know them yet. But I have leapt in with both feet and i will learn. Right now as long as vegetables outweigh fruit I am calling it good. But certain combinations are better for you than others.

So far, besides feeling really tired (but oddly at the same time energized) I haven't had any adverse reactions. The detoxifying period can be bad I've heard. Glad that so far it has not been for me but this is early on. I am   hoping to reset my palate, to make changes permanently toward a vegetable and fruit based diet. To incorporate exercise so that I can do some of the things i would like to. Like ride horses and do yoga and swim. It's all a big experiment for now. Most people wouldn't do a 60 day juice fast. But I am going to try then I will need to do smaller fasts periodically. I think it will be well worth it.

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