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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Juicing stuff: I found that I can wiggle out of the jeans I am wearing without unbuttoning or unzipping them. : )
Meant to weigh myself yesterday at the gym but I was so busy trying to get copies of my birth certificate and social security card for my drivers license that I didn't even get back to the school library to print some things I need until about 5pm. I went to the social security office and it was so packed I was nearly late for my psychology class at 1. But at least that only entailed filling out one form and it didn't cost money. The birth certificate issue was a fiasco! Looking at the timeframes they give to supply a birth certificate from Los Angeles had me in a panic. My renewal expires Feb 9th! So in addition to the $23 fee to get a certified copy of my birth certificate I had to pay more for a service that expedites the process and go gt information notarized and faxed. The guy at the bank was really nice. That was the one bright spot. Oh! interesting factoid. I'd had my social security card since I was a child, though it was not whole anymore. I couldn't locate the bit thought I'd seen it recently, so I decided not to waste further time and just get a copy. Did you know you are limited to 10 copies of your social security card in a lifetime? Why would that be so? Anyway, I did not get back to the school library till about 5 and was printing stuff madly (my printer at home does not work) I needed math formulae and copies of my fellow students' essays to read and comment on. I needed a psychological article for a paper due on Monday. I also needed physiology stuff but at 5:30 there was an announcement that the library would be closing at 6!. I was shocked and appalled. The college (approved for university status just yesterday, retaining the odious to me name of Dixie) closes their library at 6 pm on a Friday? That seems scholastically stupid to me. And I thought if the library was closing the fitness center would too. I rethought that and should have tried to go because the priorities of this college are skewed. The fitness center was probably open and I could have used the exercise. I did also want to weigh. I only intend to weigh once a week. The first loss was 15 pounds. I am curious to see what has happened in the past week. Though I am not judging this nutritional experiment on weight loss primarily. I am judging it on perception of health and so far it has been so wildly successful I would stick with it if I didn't lose a pound. I still cannot believe how much better I feel and so quickly! Last night Bruce and I were talking about it. he said, "I've known you for over ten years and in all that time you've always thrown up." True. And longer than that. And as he said it was getting only worse. I cannot believe I have not thrown up in two full weeks now! And overall my mood and energy levels have been much improved. As have my knees. The really bad one is not fully restored but it is much better. So, firmly in favor of juicing. Learning a little about nutrition as I go along too. And, after the 60 days is up I want to save enough money to sponsor someone who wants to try this experiment for themselves through it. The friend who was the last small catalyst that poked me from inaction to action has had to stop fully juicing because it is too expensive for her right now. And because she feels she needs a committed space to implement it. In Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead  Joe Cross set Phil Staples up in a lovely quiet cottage with a juicer for a time to allow him to adapt. It is a BIG change and it is not always convenient to juice. The friend I got the juicer for is having a similar problem. And apparently most people have a farr harder time getting into it than I have. Physical problems in the initial period include migraine headaches, diarrhea, feeling just bad.... Hard to keep up with your life if you are feeling like that. And most people apparently have more food cravings than I have. I count myself very lucky not to have encountered these problems. For me it was a good, natural, immediately beneficial process. My mom got her juicer yesterday and is going to try it today. I am very curious to see what she thinks. She isn't planning to do a juice FAST, she just wants a way to incorporate the nutrition of fruits and vegetables into her diet. You can get a LOT of nutrition from juicing.I am so looking forward to the day when  feel I am ready to join a yoga class. And then, take riding lessons. Another area I'd like to focus on is writing. I am very disappointed at my writing and I miss the poetic flow of words I used to think in. I watched a movie last night called Miss Navajo, I'm not a proponent of beauty pageants, but I sure enjoyed this movie. And the poetry woven with the action and intention of this movie were inspiring to me. I would like to free the voice in me. I feel it there but I can;t reach it. For now though I need to study for and take the statistics test and write the psychology paper. then see what else I can accomplish today.

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