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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Time is flying and I feel so behind!!! I just got home from taking my first physiology test. I was lagging in the studying so very worried about how I would do. Knock on wood, I think I did well! I hope that's true. But spending the day on studying for physiology has left me in a very tight position. I have a psychology test I must take tomorrow and I haven't touched my statistics homework which is due by 1 pm tomorrow. The psychology test is going to require some time but I have statistics at 1 and then Physiology lecture until 4 I think. It might be closer to 5 I can't even remember. I just park my butt in a chair and try to absorb attentively until the professor stops talking. And often I wish I had further clarification. So...not going to have a lot of time for studying psychology. Feh!
Today I just had physiology lab since the psych teacher thought we may wish to use class time to take the test. I really dislike my physiology lab instructor and she set that even more firmly today by removing 2 points because I didn't put the information she wanted on the scantron of the quiz we took tonight. Nevertheless, Rebecca and I had fun. we laughed so hard I do believe it annoyed the instructor. I hope it did. We got to work with "Smart Guy" He wants to be a Dr and he's taken all the chemistry the school has to offer. He's smart, well versed in the chemistry, nice, and he's even cute. Anyway, the lab was on EEG's and I volunteered to be the testee. So I had electrodes on my head and we watched my brain waves in various situations. There was a comical spike when I was asked to do a math problem in my head. (Smart Guy teased that I must be smarter than usual because the female controls generally had a series of spikes whereas I had one huge one then it went back to almost normal alpha waves.)
My Creative Nonfiction class was last night and that was interesting. We had turned in 3 pieces of creative nonfiction for commentary by our peers. Sadly, I only had time to read and make some comments very soon before class started and I was astonished by the quality of some of the writers. One young man from Nebraska has my full attention. He writes beautifully! And everyone's submissions were at least good. Two of mine were very rushed and the most developed of the three was still just a draft. After reading the other works it sounded to me more like an informercial than a piece of art. Still the comments were kind all round and I had some personal sharings given back to me with the more literary type comments. It was also the piece that people ACTED on, and that pleased me. (I wrote about my juicing experiment  One classmate was inspired to watch Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and several others are interested in learning about juicing. They were kind about the other two pieces too. I really enjoyed the class. I love getting to know people by their writing.
Wow! It's 11:07! I need to get to bed so i can get up and leap into statistics!! Then classes, psychology cramming, psychology test... Way Way way too harried a pace for me!I wonder how long it will be before I know how I did on the physiology test. I wonder how my study buddies did.

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