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Monday, February 25, 2013

Determined to make chicken and dumplings Bruce likes. He isn't a big eater. he's a hardly- eater! But he likes chicken and dumplings. This is not food I grew up with. So I am not good at making it. Had a dish of it in Plains GA once that was purely DELICIOUS. I've never come close to making it like that, but now I understand why people like it. Bruce likes it plain. No celery. No onions. No pepper. Pretty much just chicken, broth and very thin rolled out dumplings. It sounds so simple! But you cannot imagine how I've managed to fuck this up. But trying it again. I also got stuff to make him some homemade chili (I am successful at THAT) and I am going to try homemade Swedish meatballs. With me predominantly juicing and souping and nutting Bruce has resorted to frozen food and I just HATE that. It's really unhealthy. He talks about dying much much too often and I am afraid he is going to DO it. I'd like him to take an interest in his health. I certainly want to be more proactive about MINE. It is so weird. the fruits and vegetables work for me, but for some reason I am resistant. Yesterday I found myself eating Oreos which I don't even LIKE. It makes no sense to me why I would sabotage myself, but I am still doing much better than I ever have before. I have to figure out why I am fighting being healthy. I do intend to juice fast over the summer!!
Bruce laughed at me for the organic chicken and organic chicken broth. I try to get everything as organic and as cruelty free as I can. The thought of eating some poor creature from a CAFO makes me literally iill. It is not good for the creatures. It isn't good for us.I am eating very little meat nowadays but when I do I want it to have lived as happy free and natural a life as it could. And this horse meat debacle has got me just cringing. I hate that my species is so exploitative. Horses are friends, not food! I wish with all my heart I had the means to adopt five mustangs...and a place to keep them happily.A little homestead. With a garden. Oh well.
School news... I had hoped to take the statistics test Sunday but I am not prepared. I've got about a week though. I could take the next psychology test now and do well. Mine was, once again, the high score in that class. But that ain't saying much. Now the physiology test had me really really nervous. I hadn't gotten the material to my satisfaction and found myself on test day madly studying in the library. I didn't even want to see my study group because I had so much ground to cover. I did see Smart Guy, and he made me smile. Canvas went down just as I was trying to review the power points for the third of three chapters. That library is always freezing but at least there is light. As it was I tried to study some in my car then just gave up and went to take the test. I had to worry incessantly for DAYS because there was a hand drawn extra credit portion. But results came in last night and I got 101 (he builds in some extra credit.) The high score was 108. I went from a 115.5% in the class to 108.3%. I need to focus better. But still, this is good. Right now in the classes with a grade a have solid As. English doesn't have a grade yet and that worries me and physiology lab...well I don;t have an A there and that pisses me off. But a LOT of people are plain flunking it. However, I need an A to progress. Alright this is turning into a rather unpleasant post and the chicken part of the chicken and dumplings is starting to smell good. I think I had better make the dumpling dough.

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